Singer/guitarist Karlus Trapp may be the most versatile musical dynamo on the circuit and is a crowd pleasing good vibes favorite to people of all ages. Want a beachy, good vibes summer sound , or a Mardi Gras flavored party vibe, no one does it better. With a musical sensitivity

that is a sixth sense, and his ability to rock reggae, the blues/jazz, 60’s/ 70’s, or play quiet acoustic background music, Karlus is in demand at private parties , happy hours ,and weddings from the Jersey shore to the Bahamas. Awesome as a solo, Karlus also plays as duo or trio ,or with his band MaGumbo.

Karlus Trapp started playing guitar at the age of eleven , teaching himself how to play by listening to the music of the Beatles and Motown. His love for the guitar playing of Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton led him to discover the blues of Albert and B.B. King, and the swamp drenched New Orleans rhythm and blues of Dr. John . In his twenties after dropping out of college, and deciding to become to turn pro, he started to study jazz, and classical under the tutelage of guitar master Peter Prisco. Quickly becoming a local favorite playing and singing solo acoustic as well as with local bar bands in Staten Island watering holes ,Karlus is still known to some on Staten island as local legend because of those halcyon days. Discovering the music of Bob Marley

and the Wailers led to a life long life changing influence on the music that he had been writing.
Seeing them perform was even more of a revelation. a multi instrumentalist as well as song writer and producer Trapp’s bluesy carribean influenced pop rock has been used in network

TV and commercials around the world. His CD “WOW”,Karlus Trapp with MaGumbo ,produced by Grammy ward winner “Bob Cutarella “, is an eclectic mix of blues , rock, latin and reggae,with contributions from some of New York’s finest musicians as well as Karlus bandmates in MaGumbo . It also features fan favorites ,such as “MIAMI” and ‘SHE MOVES LIKE THIS”. The same can be said for his latest CD, 2012’s ” S’ALLRIGHT ” , with world rockers like ” CRANK THE VOLUME ” and world beaters like “WHERE R’ YOU GOIN’ ” , featuring world renown drummer extaordinaire “Anton Fig “.

Still rocking after all these years, Trapp has producing wonderful music by other up and coming
and unknown artists in his Staten Island studio. He has also been taking his musical creation “The History Of pop Music in America ” to schools in the tri state area. This interactive edutainment, brings to life the rich varied music of America’s past for school children’s as well as adults.(See special programs )
The moon is full, and shimmering on the placid ocean as you stand on the beach that summer night in Southhampton. The star studded list of household names from Hollywood, city hall, and rock and rock and roll royalty, nosh ,sway and groove to the funky island sounds of the solo guitarist singer in the lounge setting on the beach. Whooom ,you ask is playing music on that beach that beautiful night ? Why.. KARLUS TRAPP. Ahhhhhh ,sublime.

Scene 2:Way back up in the woods among the evergreens of Westchester, at a palace built for a king of banking and finance, a six piece funky rock band sends the bride, groom and guests into a joyous climactic frenzy they’ll never forget, with the rockingest Hava Nagila they evvver felt. What band did they choose for their wonderous night? Uhhmmm… The KARLUS TRAPP BAND, that’s whom.


Scene 3: Atlantis in the Bahamas on a beautiful night in May. A wedding night rehearsal party is going on at the most exclusive club on the island. The young couple want the classic reggae sounds of Bob Marley, Toots and The Maytals, and Jimmy Cliff. But they don’t want no stinkin’DJ. No,They want a hot, pulsating , throbbing, sweatin’ live band throwin’ it down on their last free single night. So what band do they choose to fly down to the Bahamas for this one special night ? KARLUS TRAPP & MaGUMBO that’s whom. The Reeeal,Deeeal

Mixing the funky influences of N’awlins,Jamaica,world beat and bluesy pop rock, Karlus Trapp and the members of MaGumbo have shared the stage, and or played music with members of Bon Jovi, Modern English,
Jimmy Buffet, Keith Urban, The Paul Shaeffer group and more. Trapp’s music has graced shows on network TV, and international markets around the world. His cd “WOW” Karlus Trapp w/MaGumbo, was co-produced by grammy award winning producer, Bob Cutarella. Singer/guitarist/
songwriter Trapp’s latest recording, 2012’s “S’ALLRIGHT”,keeps on
keepin’on, hitting grooves from Jamaica to N’awlins and familiar places in between. Aided and abbeted by the musical talents of Jorgen Kjar,or Danny Kean on keyboards, Nat Seeley and Tommy Curiano on drums and percussion, and Mike Weisberger on saxes, it’s no accident that
solo, or with MaGumbo, Karlus Trapp is chosen to provide that special music for those special nights, for those that could afford anybody.

KT MaGumbo came together in the late 90’s at the Red lion in Greenwhich Village.
Mixing the funky jam rolling piano/keyboard sounds of New Orleans , with the bluesy rock
and reggae guitar and vocals of band leaded Karlus Trapp and the percussion ala favorite 60’s bands such as “War” and “Santana.” Known for their New Orleans and Jamaican roots ,KT Magumbo and it’s virtuoso players are wedding as well as private party favorites for those who want more than just a cover band. With female vocalist Nicole Wright on hand , Kt MaGumbo can play anything from Outcast to Earth Wind And Fire, to the Beatles without missing a beat.

These days when they are not being flown down to the carribean to do private parties ,or entertaining at star studded parties in the Hamptons, they can be found laying it down on reggae Mondays at the Resorts World Casino in Queens.

Drummers Tommy Curiano and Nat Seeley have been there from the start ,while key board virtuosos Jorgen Kjar , Danny Kean,and alums Mark Mancini and Pete Levin ,with sax master Mike Weisberger always bring the jam ,the soul, the funk and the good vibes